why do they love being politicians so much?


A journey across America’s Route 66 finds a country united in disappointment with the status quo in Washington.

Citizens from all walks of life discuss money in politics, divisive campaign tactics, broken promises and the helpless feeling that as the election nears they must choose between the lesser of two evils.


Of By For features in-depth analysis and candid conversations with some of the country’s most notable politicians, campaign consultants and psychologists. Uncovering the powerful interests that corrode our political system and divide the people, Of By For finds that hope for real change still exists - we've just been looking in all the wrong places.


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Jack Abramoff
Former Lobbyist

Lanny Davis
Special Counsel to President
Bill Clinton
Co-founder, Purple Nation Solutions

Lisa Disch
Professor of Political Science, University of Michigan
Author, The Tyrrany of the Two-Party System

Mickey Edwards
Former Congressman
Author, The Parties Versus the People

Kentaro Fujita
Professor of Psychology,
The Ohio State University

Newt Gingrich
Former Speaker of the House
Presidential Candidate

Jonathan Haidt
Professor of Psychology,
New York University
Author, The Righteous Mind


Bill Hillsman
Political Advertising Executive
Author, Run The Other Way

Dennis Kucinich
Former Mayor & Congressman
Presidential Candidate

Ralph Nader
Political Activist
Presidential Candidate
Author, Crashing the Party

Ron Paul
Presidential Candidate

Dan Rather

The Rev. Al Sharpton
Baptist Minister & Civil Rights Leader
Founder, National Action Network

Michael Steele
Former RNC Chairman
Co-founder, Purple Nation Solutions

Roger Stone
Political Consultant, Lobbyist & Strategist


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Fake Empire by The National

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