Commercial work

Each project has it's own unique story and voice. We strive to distill that story and meaning to be the driving force behind the work – not just a collection of beautiful imagery.


Our favorite people in our favorite places in our favorite town. Add to that an amazing agency and client - projects just don't get much better than this! A big thanks to Experience Columbus, Fahlgren Mortine, and everyone else involved in this great project.

ARC Industries

Over the years we've had the good fortune to be able sit down with some of the country’s most interesting and influential people. But to date, the beautiful people that we worked with to produce The Bill of Rights for Persons with Developmental Disabilities have been the most inspiring. We’re pretty sure that you’ll think so, too.


We had the privilege to work with and capture the story of Masa Takayama – the only three-star rated Michelin sushi chef outside of Japan.